Are We Ready for Energy Change ?

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Energy Change

Changes to the systems of energy are coming - whether we like it or not.

Readiness for Energy Change

The College of Global Change is asking if we are ready for Energy Change, whether we are prepared for the scope and range of the changes that are coming in energy.

Surveys are being conducted into opinions and views about changes in energy systems, taking care to avoid asking respondents if they are "doing their bit" to save energy.

Why do the energy systems need to change ?

New energy systems need to be built because old ones need to be shut down. And despite the problems in the global economy, the new energy systems need to be paid for.

Energy Facts

There are four main areas of Energy Change :-

GroupHeatPowerTransportEnergy Savings
Main AreaHomes and officesElectricity generationCars and shoppingGood practice
Key FuelNatural GasCoal, Natural GasPetrol, diesel oilManpower
Key solutionsInsulationRenewable EnergyPublic TransportControl systems
Renewable GasFuel switching to gasLocal servicesGood equipment

Most of the questions in this survey are about power, the supply of electricity.

This survey asks questions in four sections, each a different way of seeking views :-

SubjectAwarenessResponsibilityReadinessLooking ahead
QuestionDid you know ?Who should do this ?Is it changing ?What’s next ?

How can I get in touch ?

For more information, or if there's anything wrong, please contact the researcher by e-mail or telephone 0845 4598460.

Please be aware of the Terms & Conditions for this survey, and also the Disclaimer.

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